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Welcome to Lytham Road Pharmacy, located in Blackpool, where we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible healthcare services. Our team of experienced and licensed pharmacists are committed to providing excellent customer service and advice to help you stay healthy.

Our pharmacy offers a range of services, including flu vaccinations, blood pressure monitoring, and UTI treatments, to name a few. Our Women’s Health Clinic specializes in period pain and delay, providing personalized care to help you manage these conditions. We also offer a Travel Clinic to ensure you’re protected against any potential health risks when traveling abroad.

We also provide Ear Nose Throat services, including ear exams, ear infection treatments, Strep A throat tests, and ear wax removal services, to help you maintain good ear health.

If you’re looking to quit smoking, our smoking cessation program offers support and advice. And for those suffering from hay fever, we have a range of treatments and advice to help manage your symptoms.

Experience the highest standard of care and service at Lytham Road Pharmacy in Blackpool.
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